Hello and thank you for visiting my website Cogent Health and Medical Science. As the website states, my mission is to help advance, educate and guide anyone wanting to know more about Health, Medicine, Diet and exercise.

About Myself

My name is Michael Masic. I am 47 years old and I work as A traveling Registered Nurse. I am Married and have 4 wonderful kids (2 girls and 2 boys). I currently reside in Charlotte NC but I was raised in Columbus Georgia. I have spent a larger portion of my life involved in weight training and played a vast verity of sports. I would not call myself an expert in either field (outside of nursing) but I do have a lot of knowledge and experience to say the least. I have been in the Medical field now for more than 24 years. Back in 1993 I started working in a hospital as a transporter trafficking patients from one end of the hospital to the other. I then took my first step into direct patient care a year later as a CV-ICU nursing tech. Not long after realizing the nursing field was a viable option I therefore enrolled into a nursing program which I received my first degree as a LPN (at CVCC 1995). My first nursing job was working in the Adolescent/Adult/Geriatric Psychiatric Unit. I immediately followed up with an ADN (at SUSCC 1997) and lastly BSN (Auburn Univ. 2003). As an ADN Nurse I went straight to the Step-down critical care area and a year later to the MI/SICU department. After spending a handful of years in critical care I found a strong desire to work in the Heart Catheterization Lab (Cath Lab). So in 2004 I transferred to the Cath Lab and began my journey in cardiology. I continued working in the Cath Lab up until 2007. Unfortunately at this time  I had a series of back surgeries (4) which temporarily caused me to change my specialty. I entered the world of middle management as a Hospital Supervisor from 2007-2010. Once I realized my back was strong again and that it was possible to get back to the Cath Lab I hung my middle management hat up and re-entered the Cath Lab world and never looked back. From 2010 until present I have been in the Cath Lab doing what I love. I took my act on the road in July of 2013 and became a traveler. I have had the privilege to work with a lot of great Doctors, Nurses and Tech’s (RCIS, RRT) over the years. Because of my travels and previous nursing employments I have had the chance to work with and have been educated in a vast variety of procedures. Procedures such:

Left and Right Heart Cath’s


Left and Right Impella




Pressure Catheters (SWAN) insertions and hemodynamic interpretations

Cardiac Biopsy


LVAD/RVAD management

Basic EP procedures (Single, Dual, and Bi-V Pacer Insertion)

Just to name a few……

Anyway, I want to help you by making videos and teach tools so you can better understand the world of cardiology as I know it. Also, in the recent year I have put a lot of time in studying and understanding the world of dieting and its effect on your health. Topics such as Fats, Carbs and Protein plus my favorite Cholesterol…. and how we are so mis-informed about the pros and cons of each… More to come on that later…

So please do not be a stranger and let me now what it is you do and how I may help you in later videos regarding your situation and needs.